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No matter how old your student is or where you might be in the college planning process, we can provide guidance.

Here are the ways we help families make a successful college match:

Welcome to College Edge

Welcome to College Edge! We assist students and families at every step of their college application journey. We are here to support and guide you as you navigate this path. Whether it’s planning your college experience from the early stages of your high school career or assisting with some last minute decisions senior year, we are happy to help!

So how and when do we help students?
If you have a specific college/career path in mind that requires the perfect mix of classes, extracurriculars and academics, we can help you plan a path forward beginning in freshman year.

Most of our students benefit from our private 1:1 Partnered Path to College program, enrolling late in sophomore year or early in junior year. Our goal is to have students engaged throughout their junior year so that they can hit the ground running as soon as the application process begins, complete with college selection, application planning, goal assessment, a polished essay and a clear process and timeline outlined.

Some students find themselves late in junior year or early senior year, having started the process, overwhelmed and needing help. We offer several solutions from private guidance to summer support to help them get in any last minute support needed.

For Sophomores & Juniors

One-to-One Private College Advising

This path is ideal for students who excel in one on one coaching and desire a customized path and personalized support.

Our comprehensive, fully private Partnered Path to College Program offers guidance and instruction through every step of high school and is designed for students who plan to apply to selective colleges and universities. This completely individualized program with unlimited access to your advisor provides direction on course selection, extra-curricular planning for application building, college list development, standardized test-taking guidance, and application support including essay instruction, writing, and review.

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Small-Group Online College Advising

This path is ideal for students who like learning in a virtual setting with break-out time for one-to-one support. If learning in a group setting is more your speed, this program may be the perfect fit.

Our Managed Path to College Program provides the benefits of counselor know-how in a cost-effective application management program – virtually. This 12 month-long structured program consists of 1 student meeting per month, each covering one important aspect of the college admissions process. We take you from start to finish and support you every step along the way. Also included are 5 family Q&As to help set goals, assess needs, and provide personal support.

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For Freshmen

Early College Planning

Laying the foundation and planning a roadmap can be critical to getting into the college of your choice. Some of our students come to us with specific careers in mind and want to make sure they are on the right track to achieving those goals. Other students want a head start on learning about their options and creating a rough plan. We can help with all of that and anything in between!

Early College Planning is ideal for younger students looking to build their college admissions knowledge. These hourly counseling sessions provide an opportunity to discuss application-building strategies, such as course selection, extracurricular development, and preparation for standardized testing and create a roadmap for success.

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