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Welcome! If you are a mother to at least one teenager, and you’re trying desperately to make sense of today’s overwhelming college planning process, you’ve come to the right place.

As an independent college counselor for over ten years, I have developed my uniquely successful College Edge Method to support YOU through the overly complicated college search your child will soon begin.

I want to help you understand exactly what it means (& what it doesn’t mean) to apply to college today, so YOU can become the trusted resource your teenager needs.

Can you envision it? Less confusion, less fighting, less fear throughout the college search.

In my ongoing work with countless teenagers, I’ve learned what it takes to become their most trusted college resource.

I calm the frantic student whose mind cannot keep up with her growing list of questions and fears.

I fill in the space for the timid student who is so quiet he cannot even think of a question to ask.

And I meet the others somewhere in the middle, at their unique starting points.

The simple beauty of the College Edge Method is that a well-equipped parent can use it too.

You don’t need a fancy counseling certification. (I don’t have one.)

You don’t need to know the stats on every college on the map. (There’s more than one app for that.)

You may be thinking, But…can’t you just do this for me? Will you please just help my child with his essays?


Of course. I continue to work directly with students throughout the college application process. You can schedule a student session anytime.

Or perhaps you are wondering,

Why focus on MOM, when we are constantly being told our teens should be “taking ownership” of their own futures?

Because we all know that when MOM “gets it,” everything goes more smoothly. For everyone.

With the right support and advice, you can tap into your hard-earned parenting abilities to make the college process work for your teen and your entire family.

It may seem daunting, but I help you and your child to:
  • make connections
  • remember details
  • plan ahead
  • focus on what matters most
  • and truly listen to each other


Anyone can give you a checklist. What you truly need help with is everything that transpires in the space between those to-do items.

The results will speak for themselves. You and your child will experience a less hectic, more informed, and often enjoyable college search. Your relationship will grow stronger in the final stretch of your child’s time at home.

Elizabeth Murphy

Educational Advisor & Founder of College Edge

Hello! Thanks for visiting this site! I have been supporting students and families throughout the college planning process for over 12 years. My approach to guiding my clients is simple: provide the relevant information families seek in a friendly and engaging manner to quickly build trust and connection. Once we get to know each other, students are eager to share their college thoughts—including dreams, plans, fears, and questions—and I can get to work providing the guidance they need to make informed decisions in alignment with their strengths, values, and goals.


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I would love to connect and help you understand how my College Edge Method supports your entire family through the college planning process. I have several appointment options for new clients, including free 30-minute online information sessions.
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Five Steps to Enjoying Your Teen's College Search Process

Find Resources You Can Trust

You need to work with accurate information. Connect with people who understand your family’s values and vision. You need a partner, or a team, who can help you cut through the college chaos.

Set Reasonable Expectations with Your Teenager

Discuss starting points and targets. Be open about hopes, dreams, and fears. You all need to understand financial implications of future college options.

Allow Your Teenager to Lead This Process

You want your teenager to see you as her ally. You can acknowledge your teen’s views without acquiescing to her every whim. Encourage her to take ownership but be available to pick up the slack when she needs a boost.

Commit to Ongoing Learning and Engagement

Understand that a college search is far more that checklists, campus tours, and admission rates. Be willing to learn and grow throughout the process alongside your teenager.

Be Open to Dramatic Twists and Turns

Letting your teen lead often means frequent changes of direction. You will adjust as your teen’s goals change.  Learn to enjoy the ride and your role in supporting him through it.

College is a match to be made, not a prize to be won.
-Frank Sachs, The Blake School

Success Stories

College Edge really helped me during the application process. Applying to college comes with stress, especially regarding essays, but also just the transition and realizing that you are going to college in itself! Blair and Elizabeth helped make the process run smoothly and made me comfortable with the application process. They were extremely understanding and willing to meet with us whenever possible. They created a good environment and overall did an outstanding job helping not only me, but my peers as well. I recommend College Edge to everyone. Workshops to complete the applications are time consuming, but worth it in the end! You want to put your best self forward when providing your information to colleges, and that takes time. I had a great experience.

Class of 2020, Varsity Lacrosse



Emily Quinn – Emerson College

Working with College Edge was one of the best decisions I have ever made! From the beginning stages of searching for schools and discovering my interests to the later stages of writing my essays, filling out applications, and ultimately choosing the perfect school, Elizabeth was always there to keep me on track and provide valuable insight that made the process so much more manageable. Junior and senior years of high school are already hectic enough, but working with College Edge helped alleviate any additional stress the college process might have added. After working with Elizabeth and Blair, I can confidently say that I picked the perfect school for me!

Class of 2020, Varsity Soccer & Lacrosse

Jennifer Wheaton – Stonehill College

Having been through the college admissions process three times now, I can honestly say having our kids work with Elizabeth Murphy and College Edge was the best gift we could have given them and ourselves! She takes the time to get to know each student individually and helps families navigate the complicated college admissions process. Elizabeth provides valuable insight from the initial school search to the essay and all the way through to the decision process to help find the best fit school for the student.  Her knowledge and enthusiasm help turn what could be a very stressful time into a rewarding one. I highly recommend College Edge!

Holly Wheaton – Parent

I can’t say enough about how well Elizabeth and Blair tailored the college search to fit our needs. They allowed us to get an edge early on to ease the process and succinctly explain the craziness of applying to college.  I have used College Edge for both of my daughters and have been outspoken to all of my friends on how they kept the college process insanity to a minimum by using outstanding organizational skills and in-depth knowledge about the process, along with somehow making us feel like we were their only clients.

Mare Maccini – Parent
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