The Importance of Regularly Checking Your College Application Portals

November 15, 2023

By Leanne Soulard

By now, you have probably seen the Common App confetti at least once! It’s easy to think that you can give yourself a break from your college applications once you’ve submitted them, but there is one more crucial aspect of the application process – regularly checking your college application portals. This seemingly mundane task is important and it can make a significant difference in your college admission experience and outcomes. Below, we share a few reasons why you need to regularly check your application portals.

Stay Informed on your Application Status

The college application process is a dynamic one, with various stages and deadlines. Checking your application portal regularly ensures that you stay informed about the status of your application. From submission confirmation to document receipt and processing updates, these portals serve as your real-time connection to the admission office. Being aware of where you stand in the process can alleviate stress and help you plan for the next steps.

Address Issues Promptly

Mistakes can happen. Whether it’s a missing document, a technical glitch, or an error in your application, regular checks allow you to identify and address any issues promptly. The sooner you catch and rectify a mistake, the better chance you have of preventing it from impacting the outcome of your application.

Receive Important Communications

Instead of sending an email to students, colleges often communicate important information through their application portals. This could include requests for additional documentation, interview invitations, honors program invitations or updates on the admission decision timeline. By checking your portal regularly, you ensure you don’t miss out on critical communications that may influence your application process.

Demonstrate Your Commitment

Thought you were done with demonstrating interest? Not quite yet. Regularly checking your application portal demonstrates your commitment to the college and your application. It shows that you are proactive, responsible, and genuinely interested in the admissions process. Admissions officers appreciate applicants who take their responsibilities seriously, and this simple act can contribute positively to the overall impression you leave on the college.

Prepare for Next Steps

Once you receive an admission decision, your application portal will likely be the platform for additional steps, such as accepting your offer, submitting financial aid documents, and registering for orientation. Regularly checking your portal ensures that you are aware of these steps and can complete them on time.

In the whirlwind of the college application process, the importance of regularly checking your application portals cannot be overstated. By staying on top of your application status, addressing issues promptly, receiving important communications, demonstrating your commitment, and preparing for the next steps, you set yourself up for success in the exciting journey toward higher education. So, make it a habit to log in regularly and stay connected to your college dreams!

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