January 4, 2021

by Leanne Soulard

I was a high school guidance counselor for fifteen years. My favorite aspect of the job was always the academic and college advising piece and I’m not embarrassed to say that I was good at it. I built this knowledge over many years, through professional development, college visits, and the desire to do right by students. And yet, every spring I would learn that a handful of my students were working with a private college counselor. It took me years to understand (and accept) that the reason parents choose to engage a private counselor wasn’t personal – it was that the many other responsibilities of my job simply did not allow their children to benefit from all I knew about college admissions. 

It’s not a secret that college admissions are extremely competitive and tuition costs are high. How can you make a great investment in a college education that is a match financially, socially, and academically? At College Edge, our singular focus is to provide expert advice and hands-on help for students and families as they navigate the path to college. We know how to guide you through the high school years so you have what it takes to build an appealing application and then we work with you to put your package together.

As independent college advisors, we know what colleges are looking for when they make admissions decisions and everything we do with our students moves them closer to a “yes” from their top-choice schools. We reduce stress for students and parents with individualized attention and guidance based on each student’s academic and career goals. At College Edge, we help students discover where their passions lie and what they want their college experience to look like. Then we make and execute a plan to get them there.

I will always be a relentless cheerleader for the high school guidance counselors out there. Sure, there are things I miss about the guidance office but having to tell a student that I need to reschedule her college planning meeting again isn’t one of them. If you’re curious about how we can help you and your student get the results you both want, give us a call. We’d love to answer your questions.

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