Setting Goals for the rest of the school year

November 15, 2021
by Leanne Soulard

It’s official…the school year is 25% over. And I bet that the activities of the first day of school, especially this year, are still super-fresh in your mind. Where does the time go?

While it’s been nice to have the routine of the school year restored, there’s no denying that the re-entry has been a bit hard on students. It takes a long time to build strong habits of mind and surprisingly little time to lose them so, in many ways, students have had to re-learn how to be, well, students all over again.

If this first quarter of the school year didn’t exactly go as planned for your student, it’s okay. Baby steps. Think of this first quarter report card as a natural conversation starter that you can use with your child to see how things are going. It’s also an excellent opportunity for students to practice setting goals. The time between report cards is just about perfect for setting short-term SMART goals that can help students stay on track as they progress through the year. Not sure what a SMART goal is? Here’s a breakdown:

Specific: I will raise my grade in science to a B+ in Quarter 2.

Measurable: My current grade is a B-.

Action-oriented: I will increase my grade by completing my homework every night and by asking my teacher for help when I don’t understand something. I may need to get extra help after school, as well.

Realistic: It is mathematically possible to increase my grade by 8 points in the next 9 weeks if I commit to achieving my goal..

Time-bound: I have 9 weeks to improve my study skills and habits in science.

Helping students put this into action doesn’t need to be complicated. Ask your student:

  • What is one thing you’d like to improve in Quarter 2?
  • Why is this important to you?
  • What are the steps you will take to get there?
  • How can I support you in achieving your goal?

If students understand how to set goals and hold themselves accountable for achieving them, they’ll be successful in school and in life. Here’s to a great second quarter!

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