Room for Growth

November 9, 2020

By Leanne Soulard

With college application season in full swing, students and parents everywhere are celebrating small victories with every application they submit. But just because many applications are in, the process is not over. While you may have submitted your applications with a clear first-choice college in mind, there is a lot of time between now and National Candidates Reply Date on May 1. People grow, perspectives shift, and needs sometimes change in response to what is happening around us. It’s important to realize that who you are today isn’t necessarily who you’ll be in six months, which is why it’s a good idea to leave room for growth as you wait for admissions decisions to be released.

We encourage you to keep researching all schools on your list because you can always learn something new about them. With applications out of the way, you now have time to read student newspapers and journals, attend online events not related to admissions, such as a talk on diversity or a student research symposium, or support current students by attending an online art exhibit. You should continue to attend virtual information sessions because we guarantee you’ll hear something important that you didn’t hear the first time. Take notes and follow up with questions as you learn new or updated information. This might be a great time to re-examine your priorities, delve into a specific academic department, and even spend some time on alumni webpages to learn how previous graduates network with current students regarding internship placements and employment opportunities. Remaining actively engaged with what is going on at your schools will give you more information to include in your decision-making framework when it comes time to choose which school will ultimately earn the privilege of your enrollment.

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