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Private Essay Writing Service

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Private Essay Writing Service

While every student has the power within them to present a well-written, authentic essay that helps showcase who they are, without expert guidance we are expecting them to succeed at a task they’ve never done before.

We offer a 1:1 college essay writing service to help your high school seniors get their essay written this summer. When school opens, the most time-consuming part of the application will be done – and done well.

Enroll your student in College Edge’s 1:1 Private Essay Services

  • Students work with an advisor to learn what they need to do and they get it done!
  • 1:1 coaching to complete an application-ready essay
  • Three-hour session in our office with proven directions for brainstorming, practicing and writing
  • Post-session review of final draft

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From Our Clients

 “I have used College Edge for both of my daughters and have been outspoken to all of my friends on how they kept the college process insanity to a minimum by using outstanding organizational skills and in-depth knowledge about the process, along with somehow making us feel like we were their only clients.”



“Having been through the college admissions process three times now, I can honestly say having our kids work with College Edge was the best gift we could have given them and ourselves!”

- Holly Wheaton


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