June 15, 2022
By Leanne Soulard

Is it me, or did this school year feel faster than most? As someone who has worked with seniors in high school for many years now, time always seems to pass quickly because I am constantly looking ahead to the next deadline, but this year it felt exceptionally fast. Students felt it, too, because they’ve all been asking me the same exact question for weeks now: Can you believe the year is already over?

We are often asked by students and parents for advice about how best to use summer vacation to get ahead in the college admissions process. If you’re a junior in high school, then you probably already know that July and August are prime time for writing your college essay and filling out the Common Application. If you need some guidance on how to get started with these to-do items, check out our blog posts here and here

If you’re a sophomore or a freshman, you are likely in that time of your life when you’re too old to play in sandbox but too young to have a job. Later in life, you’ll look back fondly at these months when you had nothing but time and no responsibilities! For the ambitious student, however, this summer is the perfect opportunity to start building an extracurricular profile that will help you stand out to admissions counselors when you submit your college application in a couple of years. Check out our blog about how to be interesting to colleges here for some ideas and advice to get you started.

Keep in mind that while summer offers students a chance to get ahead on things that are important, it’s also a time for meaningful rest and relaxation. Take advantage of the opportunity to catch up on sleep, enjoy lazy days outdoors with friends, and make sure to leave plenty of time for the things that make you happy. For me, that means leaving my phone inside while I head outside with a good book and a glass of iced tea. You worked hard this year! Give yourself permission to balance the things you should do with the things you want to do. There’s plenty of time for rushing around later in life when you’re an adult.

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