Family Strategy Package for Seniors

Successfully creating paths to college

Our work begins with a Family Strategy Session designed to help your student set goals and priorities for the college application journey. During this 90-minute meeting we will explore and make recommendations for the student’s:

  • Academic and extracurricular profile
  • Standardized test scores and testing plan
  • Career interests and possible college majors
  • Initial college list and application timeline
At the conclusion of the Family Strategy Session, the advisor will identify core tasks to be completed and help the student build a plan for getting the work done and keeping stress at a minimum. The action plan contains step by step guidance for tackling the tasks and a timeline through December 2023 as well as links to essential documents and forms. Following the family meeting, students book an additional 30 minute meeting to work on the task that is the biggest priority for them:
  • Further building out of the college list to include admissibility
  • Essay theme development
  • Common Application activities section
All families have access to our resource packet which provides a host of materials for identifying college values and building a list, financial aid estimating and essential forms and “how-tos”, essay writing, college admissions office expectations and more!
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