Packaged Programs

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I offer two packaged programs to families with high school juniors. These programs are extremely limited, as I can only take about 30 students to ensure I can best meet everyone’s needs. Enrollment is open only mid-September through mid-November each year. Both programs include attendance at up to three Fast Track summer workshops.

Families often wonder which program is best for them. Here’s an important distinction to understand:

The Managed Path to College Program is ideal for families looking for a structured approach to college planning, but comfortable with many aspects of the process already. Students will receive excellent, personalized support during all sessions. However, this support is limited to scheduled sessions. The Managed Path to College Program DOES NOT INCLUDE any on-demand access to private consultation, support, or question-and-answer sessions with Elizabeth Murphy via phone, email, or drop-in office visits. This policy will be strictly enforced in 2019, and families interested in additional support will be required to purchase it separately so that all students and parents can enjoy the same program benefits. Families interested in on-demand support (meaning “available whenever you need it”) should instead select the Painless Path to College Program.

The Painless Path to College Program is a highly individualized program and all sessions are scheduled to meet the student and parents’ needs. The Painless Path to College also includes on-demand email support and 30 minutes of phone support per month for parent inquiries.

Painless Path to College

This program is my premier 100% individualized program that begins in the winter of a student’s junior year. Families set the pace and frequency of private meetings, and benefit from my full support throughout the college application cycle.

Managed Path to College

This is a small-group based program that offers ongoing support throughout junior and senior year in the form of periodic 90-minute work sessions.