Private Consultations are Always Available!

Let’s be honest. We all have questions we are desperately seeking answers to, but we don’t necessarily want to broadcast those to the world. When it comes to your child’s college search, you may not be looking to compare notes with other parents.

If this is your first time navigating the college application process (as a parent–sorry, but your own experience is irrelevant!) you may not even know what questions to ask. Just starting the dialogue will help you gain clarity.

You may already have sent 2-3 kids to college. You know the drill, but your youngest has always been unique. Her thoughts about college seem to be different, too, so you need some help.

Or, you know your time is limited, and you just want to “brain dump” all of your questions and concerns at once. You need someone to listen,  validate, and/or clarify your next steps.

Maybe you prefer not to be too involved in any of this, but you would like your child to come in for a session alone. Perhaps he needs to talk through some essay ideas or just learn precisely how hard it is to get into Yale, and this message cannot come from mom or dad.

I offer private consultations via phone, online Zoom meetings, or in person at my Dartmouth, Massachusetts office. Most sessions are 50 minutes, though 25 minute sessions can be booked for phone on online meetings.

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