Workshop Options are Expanding in 2018!

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Student workshops have been a staple of my college counseling services since 2012, when I began offering August Fast Track Your College Apps sessions for rising high school seniors. However, since the term “workshop” means something slightly different to everyone, here is what you need to know:

My student workshops are very small, typically with a maximum of four students. They are intended for students to actually complete real work on their college applications and essays, not just listen to advice and then leave with a vague task list.

My workshops are NOT designed for students to share their personal writing with other students. We do not do any peer editing or reviews of college essays. All support comes directly from me, though students can share with other students if they choose to do so. I use a group workshop format for these individualized sessions so I can accommodate students working independently on similar tasks. Basic instruction is the same, while writing coaching is customized for each student.

I am currently building several new online workshop options for students, as well as several workshops for parents. These will be short events, and topic specific, covering things like “Making the Most of Your Family’s Summer” and “11 Things to Know Before Junior Year.” You will be able to sign up for the new workshops here as soon as they are ready.


In previous years, I have offered students a series of 3 Fast Track workshops for one fee. Students were to choose three dates over the summer to come in and complete their Common App and main college essay with my support.

For summer 2018, I have decided to open Fast Track registration up to individual sessions. This means students can attend 1, 2, 3, or even 4 sessions…whatever works for them.

Why make this change?

As my client base grows, I find some families register for my services just to “get a spot,” only to never follow up and attend sessions they have paid for. Some business owners would undoubtedly consider this a great problem to have, however, this is not how I am wired! It doesn’t work for me. I do not have the resources to chase people down and force them to show up. At the same time, I want everyone to get value from the investment they make to work with me.

I still recommend signing up for three Fast Track Workshops this summer, but you can confidently do what works for your family. So, if your child completes a college workshop at their high school to get started, but then needs more help to finish up, we can easily pick up where they left off. My goal is to meet families and students where they are, and guide them to completion of the college applications, however long that takes.

Registration for summer Fast Track workshops will be available on this page by May 1.

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