College Edge really helped me during the application process. Applying to college comes with stress, especially regarding essays, but also just the transition and realizing that you are going to college in itself! Blair and Elizabeth helped make the process run smoothly and made me comfortable with the application process. They were extremely understanding and willing to meet with us whenever possible. They created a good environment and overall did an outstanding job helping not only me, but my peers as well. I recommend College Edge to everyone. Workshops to complete the applications are time consuming, but worth it in the end! You want to put your best self forward when providing your information to colleges, and that takes time. I had a great experience.

Class of 2020, Varsity Lacrosse



Emily Quinn – Emerson College

Working with College Edge was one of the best decisions I have ever made! From the beginning stages of searching for schools and discovering my interests to the later stages of writing my essays, filling out applications, and ultimately choosing the perfect school, Elizabeth was always there to keep me on track and provide valuable insight that made the process so much more manageable. Junior and senior years of high school are already hectic enough, but working with College Edge helped alleviate any additional stress the college process might have added. After working with Elizabeth and Blair, I can confidently say that I picked the perfect school for me!

Class of 2020, Varsity Soccer & Lacrosse

Jennifer Wheaton – Stonehill College

Having been through the college admissions process three times now, I can honestly say having our kids work with Elizabeth Murphy and College Edge was the best gift we could have given them and ourselves! She takes the time to get to know each student individually and helps families navigate the complicated college admissions process. Elizabeth provides valuable insight from the initial school search to the essay and all the way through to the decision process to help find the best fit school for the student.  Her knowledge and enthusiasm help turn what could be a very stressful time into a rewarding one. I highly recommend College Edge!

Holly Wheaton – Parent

I can’t say enough about how well Elizabeth and Blair tailored the college search to fit our needs. They allowed us to get an edge early on to ease the process and succinctly explain the craziness of applying to college.  I have used College Edge for both of my daughters and have been outspoken to all of my friends on how they kept the college process insanity to a minimum by using outstanding organizational skills and in-depth knowledge about the process, along with somehow making us feel like we were their only clients.

Mare Maccini – Parent

We so appreciate the kind words our students and their parents have shared regarding their experiences working with us on various aspects of the college search and application process. Here is a sampling of what our clients have to say:

From families just getting started:

“I just wanted to let you know that Nicole and I felt really great walking out of our meeting yesterday. I love that you are organized, give your opinions and explain things well. We feel you will help us tremendously and take out the stress. Thank you.”

-Angie L., Mom of HS Junior, January 2017 (email)


“With our busy lives, we feel like Elizabeth will be there to keep us on track, and help guide my daughter through the sometimes daunting process of narrowing her college search.”

– Mom of HS Junior, January 2015 (excerpt from online review)


“My mom and I met with Elizabeth at College Edge and it got me excited about looking at colleges and starting the process. I’m a junior so it’s still early but I want to start looking at colleges and this is going to help. Also, I was starting to worry about what tests to take and when to take them and now I have a better idea.”

– HS Junior, November 2014 (excerpt from online review)


“Had a very informative initial consult. My daughter was extremely pleased with the idea of getting support with figuring out what her interests are along with having help with the college process.”

– Mom of HS Junior, November 2014 (excerpt from online review)


“Elizabeth made my daughter immediately feel comfortable, and she gets right down to business. With her direction, guidance, and knowledge of today’s colleges and their workings, the college process has become much less stressful for both my daughter and myself. Thank you in advance for all the help.“

– Dad of HS Junior, January 2015 (excerpt from online review)


“I love the fact that College Edge keeps in contact with the student to make sure they are doing what’s needed in making all the deadlines. Feeling relieved!”

– Mom of HS Junior, January 2015 (excerpt from online review)


From families in the middle of the application process:

“Elizabeth is great to work with. She gives a lot of valuable advice throughout the essay writing process and the Common App completion.”

– HS Senior accepted Early Action and Regular Decision, September 2014 (excerpt from online review)


“I received constructive criticism and a lot of helpful suggestions on how I can improve my essay. I will definitely be recommending College Edge to others beginning this process and will most likely be contacting [them] for another essay run through. Thank you for the help!”

– HS Senior accepted Early Action and Regular Decision, September 2014 (excerpt from online review)


“Just wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful woman and great help throughout this application process as well as my son’s! Tatum adores you and so do I! I know the service you offer is your profession but you provide so much more than knowledge and expertise! You provide support and encouragement sprinkled with just enough praise to nurture self confidence and courage to carry on! Anyway, just thought I’d say Merry Christmas and keep on keepin’…you are appreciated more than you’re probably aware!”

-Diane N., Mom of HS senior accepted Early Action, December 2016


“Thank you for your help with reading my daughter’s essays. I’m not sure if this is the best way to say it, but you really have a “knack” for dealing with adolescents! She really enjoyed working with you.

She has been accepted at UMass Boston, UMass Amherst Honors College and Roger Williams. We will hear from Northeastern, BU, Tufts and Brandeis in April. I’ll let you know the results.

I would be happy to talk to anyone who is considering using your services and will recommend you to people that I know.

-Joyce A., Mom of HS Senior accepted Early Action, January 2017 (email)


“Our family had a wonderful experience using College Edge to help our oldest with her college application process.  Every step of the way, Elizabeth & Blair were available to offer suggestions and advice in this very complicated and stressful process. As a busy senior, having their guidance and expertise allowed our daughter to feel more confident about submitting a great college essay and making sure applications were submitted on time. We are presently using College Edge to help with our second daughter, currently a senior, and it has also been a very positive experience.”

-Julie V., Mom of HS senior Class of 2017, October 2016


From families seeking support on college financing:

“We were referred to Elizabeth at College Edge by one of her very happy clients because we just didn’t know where to begin in how to assist our kids with getting into and paying for college. … Our initial consult was extremely informative. Highly recommended!”

-Parents of HS Seniors accepted Early Action, October 2014 (online review)


“Elizabeth at College Edge really opened my eyes with regards to paying for my daughter’s education.”

– Mom of HS Senior accepted Early Action and Regular Decision, October 2014 (excerpt from online review)


From families reflecting on the process after final decisions:

“College Edge really helped me so much with not only the whole application process, but also helping me find the best fit school for me. I know that my applications, essays, and school choices would not have been as well thought out if I attempted this process on my own. College Edge also helped take a lot of the pressure off my parents and helped my family avoid many college-based arguments.”

-Ellie Gamache, Endicott College Class of 2019


“You really helped to alleviate some of the stresses related to the process and to assure me of the solutions to various technical difficulties throughout.”

­-HS Senior accepted Early Action and Regular Decision, June 2014 (excerpt from personal note)


“I have to say that both my girls have said on many, many occasions (voluntarily, I might add) how much they have loved working with you. I have only a slight sense of how tedious a process this is, so I can’t think of a bigger compliment.”

-Mom of HS Seniors accepted Early Action and Regular Decision, March 2013 (excerpt from email message)


“You made me feel like I was your only student.”

­-HS Senior accepted Early Action and Regular Decision, June 2012 (excerpt from personal note)


“I can’t thank you enough for jumping in at the last minute to save us from drowning in this sea of college applications! You were on top of everything and helped [my son] get some perspective on the essay– and yes, it was a definite improvement over his first attempts! I cannot put a price on the peace and sanity you brought to this home…”

-Mom of HS Senior accepted Early Action, December 2011 (excerpt from personal note)


“Your interactions with students are the right combination of encouragement and direction.”

-Mom of HS Senior accepted Early Action and Regular Decision, March 2010 (excerpt from personal note)


From Graduate School Applicants:

“I worked with Elizabeth in high school when applying to college, when I transferred colleges after freshman year, and now again while applying to graduate school. Working with Elizabeth has made the application process a lot more manageable and a lot less stressful. I recommend her to anyone looking for guidance, organization and support throughout the application process!”

­-College Senior accepted to Master’s degree programs, January 2015 (online review)

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