Whether you feel your career path is already set in stone, or you are searching for any sign of what might be right for you, there are resources to help you on your way. Spend some time learning about the specifics of careers that spark your curiosity, or take a few surveys and self-assessments to get some advice about where to begin. The following websites have been carefully selected and are among the best free resources available to assist you.


My Next Move

The US Department of Labor created My Next Move as an extensive research tool for young people looking to prepare for further education or workforce entry. The site offers detailed information on specific careers and the education required to attain them. A personal strengths and interest match survey is accessible on the homepage.



The US Department of Labor also manages the O*NET website system, and the information provided here on careers and education required goes even further, and gets more technical than what is listed on My Next Move.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes an update to the Occupational Outlook Handbook every two years. This data-rich site gives the most specific information available on careers and their US growth potential. It is best used by those looking for information on a specific career field, and not for general research on varied opportunities.


ASVAB Career Exploration

The US Department of Defense sponsors ASVAB testing and resources for students to help connect them with potential careers within the US Armed Forces. If you completed the ASVAB Test in school, use your access code with this tool. Career exploration is available for all students regardless of testing status.

Princeton Review-Careers After College

Princeton Review has provided test preparation and college planning services for generations. Their Careers After College website provides another look at specific career options and what it takes to attain them.


16 Personalities Assessment

This free personality assessment can help provide insights into how you think and interact with others. Many students find these insights helpful as they begin to read about career opportunities and determine the best-fit options for their unique personalities and world views.

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