Just getting started with a college search? Don’t fall into the Wikipedia trap! Random Google searches and Wikipedia pages will NOT provide you with college recommendations you can trust to be unbiased. Many produce sponsored content which can be misleading. The following websites have been carefully selected and are among the best available to assist your online college search.

College Navigator

This site is produced by the US government and is an excellent resource for building an initial college list. All information can be accessed and saved without creating an account.


Colleges That Change Lives

CTCL educates students, families, counselors and the public about the accessibility of a quality post-secondary educational experience and helps students find a best-fit college that develops a lifelong love of learning.


The Common Application

The Common Application is a not-for-profit, member organization committed to the pursuit of access, equity, and integrity in the college admission process. Their primary function is to manage the dominant online application portal, but efforts to expand access to information surrounding college selection and affordability increases each year.

The Coalition for Access, Affordability & Success

A diverse coalition of public and private colleges have joined forces to create a new platform to facilitate the college planning and application process. This coalition is actively working to improve access to college while simultaneously building a robust application system to compete with The Common Application.


The Universal Application

23 colleges are members of the Universal Application, and students who elect to use this system receive the same holistic review granted through other applications.




Cappex is a robust college search site with complex tools for matching interests to schools and even estimating chances of acceptance based upon recent student enrollments. Use this site carefully and never as your primary resource. It can be enticing to rely entirely on statistics presented, but resist the urge to do so!

College Week Live

CWL hosts online events for students to ask questions of college admissions representatives. Events are scheduled throughout the year. Listening to presentations can help set the tone for what to expect on actual college tours, interviews, and info sessions.

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